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  • Aotus
    The AOTUS library provides a Fortran wrapper around the C-API of the Lua scripting language, allowing a convenient usage of Lua scripts as configuration files in Fortran applications.
  • Musubi
    Musubi is the multi-level parallel lattice Boltzmann solver within the APES suite. It is working on a linearised octree and uses efficient data structures allowing adaptive parallel simulations. Musubi offers several collision kernels and is designed in a way to deal with huge meshes very efficiently.
  • Seeder
    The goal of Seeder is simple: create an octree mesh out of a given geometry. Typically the given geometry is given in the form of STL-files. Meshed are generated automatically.
  • TreElM
    The Tree-based Elemental Mesh library provides the functionality to act on a distributed parallel octree mesh.
  • Polynomials
    This project is a supporting library for TreElM. It provides some functionality to deal with Legendre polynomials, especially transforming between modal and nodal representations.