Katalog der UB Siegen

Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Harlacher

Foto Daniel Harlacher
Adresse Universität Siegen
Hölderlinstr. 3
57068 Siegen/Deutschland
Raum H-D 4215
Telefon +49 271 740-3885
Fax +49 271 740-13885
E-Mail daniel.harlacher@uni-siegen.de


Dynamic Load Balancing for Unstructured Meshes on Space-Filling Curves
D. F. Harlacher and H. Klimach and S. Roller and C. Siebert and F. Wolf
    1661 -1669  (2012)
An Adaptable Simulation Framework Based on a Linearized Octree
S. Roller and J. Bernsdorf and H. Klimach and M. Hasert and D. Harlacher and M. Cakircali and S. Zimny and K. Masilamani and L. Didinger and J. Zudrop
    93-105  (2012)
Highly Efficient and Scalable Software for the Simulation of Turbulent Flows in Complex Geometries
D. F. Harlacher and S. Roller and F. Hindenlang and C.-D. Munz and T. Kraus and M. Fischer and K. Geurts and M. Meinke and T. Klühspies and V. Metsch and K. Benkert
    289-307  (2012)
Tree Based Voxelization of STL Data
D. F. Harlacher and M. Hasert and H. Klimach and S. Zimny and S. Roller
    81-92  (2012)