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About the Chair:

The Chair of Energy and Environmental Process Engineering at the Institute for Energy Technology was founded on October 1, 1993.

As part of our teaching mission, we since offer lectures, experimental work in laboratories and seminars in the fields of energy and environmental technology as well as process engineering to students of mechanical engineering and economics-related technical degree programs. Within the framework of ongoing research projects, we are able to continuously offer student research papers and diploma theses subjects which in part will also be conducted in close cooperation with the industry.

The scope of our research covers mathematical modeling and simulation of complex process engineering systems. The process models are then validated by comparing them with measuring data collected in industrial-scale installations in cooperation with the industry.

The scientific work at the chair is focused on the following objectives:

Ball to study the fields of application for different technologies considering the factors cost, energy consumption, environmental impact and sustainable development
Ball to compare and study the different technologies under comparable boundary conditions
Ball to develop scenarios for a realistic implementation of the different technologies

In close cooperation with medium-sized companies, we design and develop to market technical equipment for the field of environmental technology.