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Chair of Fluid Mechanics


The chair of fluid mechanics of the university of Siegen is using a broad spectrum of numerical and experimental methods to investigate flows.

Our area of research includes incompressible as well as compressible and supersonic flows. Our main areas of research are the numerical and experimental analysis and simulation of turbulent flows, aeroacoustics, flow control, large-eddy simulation (LES), direct numerical simulation (DNS) as well as fluid-structure-interaction (FSI). 


Our work in DNS and LES includes turbulent jets, channel and pipe flows and shear layers. Here, compressibility effects have been and still are of special interest to us. Furthermore, the sound emission and control of turbulent jets is being investigated. Specially optimized numerical methods are used to predict the acoustic field accurately. Additionally, tailored numerical solvers like

PIANO (DLR) were used in the past together with packages developed by our group to calculate the acoustic pressure in the near far-field. Combined with optimization using the adjoint of the full compressible Navier-Stokes equations the sound pressure level could be reduced  by up to 10dB using heating and cooling. To our knowledge, we have been one of the first groups worldwide, to perform

fully 3D instationary numerical simulations using the continuous adjoint of the compressible Navier-Stokes equations. Other previous work included the development and improvement

of a filter-variant of the

ADM-LES model developed originally by Stolz & Adams, together with partners in Germany (Prof. Friedrich) and India (Prof. Mathew). 

Investigations using commercial and open source software packages

(e.g. ANSYS Fluend, OpenFOAM, deal.ii) in research and cooperations with local industry, as well as in teaching are conducted, too. 


We acquired a lot of experience in the past in high-performance computing, developing software for massively parallel architectures using OpenMP and MPI and performing simulations 

on various clusters and super-computers in several computing centers (Munich, Stuttgart, Aaachen, Siegen, Jülich). 


The chair of fluid mechanics is cooperating with several local companies in the area of Siegen, performing measurements in our wind tunnel or conducting numerical simulations.

Our current areas of research are:

- Aerodynamics of vehicles, ground effects
- Fluid-structure simulation in arteries
- Adjoint-based turbulence control
- Compressible turbulence
- Parallel algorithms and parallel code development for exascale applications
- Aeroacoustics
- Aerodynamics of rotating spheres