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  • Damage Analysis and Assessment

    Determination of the reasons for fracture and mechanical damages, analyses of corrosion damages (e.g. defective water pipes), Examination of damaged welds.

  • Materials Testing

    Tensile, compressive and torsion testing, determination of Wöhler and creep-rupture diagrams, chemical analyses, X-ray diffraction (up to 1000°C, texture, phases , residual stresses) etc. etc.

  • Mechanical Testing of Materials under Complex Conditions

    Component Testing, Crack Propagation Measurement, Thermomechanical Fatigue Testing, etc.

  • Projects Concerning the Macroscopic and the Microscopic behavior of Materials

    Long-term research work (in form of study projects, diploma theses and PhD theses)

  • Consultation

    e.g. reasons for damage, testing methods, material selection, material properties etc.

  • Courses and Seminars

    Seminar of current research work, thursday 4pm in room PB A223/2, DGM course (yearly): Fatigue Behavior of Metallic Materials (in German) Ermüdungsverhalten metallischer Werkstoffe

Contact: Dipl.-Ing. Arne Ohrndorf