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Projects for Students

  In all teams of the professorship for materials- science and testing, there is always the possibility for Bachelor- or Masterworks. 
Usually, these are experimental works, which integrate in researchplans or industrial cooperations. For this reason, the processing time should not exceed three month.

In the following, you can see the current topics for Bachelor- and Masterworks. 
You can find more topics on the black board near the professorship or ask for further information in the secretariat. 

Current topics for Master- or Bachelorwork


Supervisor: M.Sc. L. Wang, Dr.-Ing. B. Gorr

Oxidationbehaviour of FeCr(Ni/Co) samples in Ar-O2-H2O at 900°C  

Oxidationbehaviour of FeCrAl samples in Ar-H2-H2O at 1250°C

For additional information: Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. D. Simon, room: PB-A 252 (Tel.: 4660)

Studyparameters and influence of hydrogen on the microstructure of a Ti-6Al-4V-alloy

M.Sc.-Ing. Mohammed Kasim Mohsun

Sensitivityanalysis of Mo-Si-Ti-alloys with COMSOL

Supervisor: Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. M. Azim