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Master Thesis - Phosphate and Zinc Recovery from Sludges

Phosphate and Zinc Recovery from Sludges

In industrial sludges, there are many kinds of cations and anions, especially phosphate and metal ions. On the other hand, phosphate salts and metals are highly required in various fields. Efficient and cost-effective recovery of highly purified phosphate salts and metals from sludge is thus of significance. Since the compositions of each sludge are different, different recovery approaches are thus required.

Your tasks
We are searching master students who are interested in working on phosphate and zinc recovery from sludges. The applicant needs to develop and optimize chemical/electrochemical and related approaches to recover efficiently high-purified sodium phosphate and zinc metal. Purification of as-obtained products as well as their characterization using x-ray diffraction spectroscopy and ion-coupled plasma, and related techniques need to be carried out. Live and fre-quent communication about the achievements with the colleagues from the company is necessary.

Your benefits
You will be fed with advanced technologies for sludge treatments and trained with different material characterization techniques. You will have chances to access several companies.

Your major is chemistry, or you have experienced with chemistry.

Begin: Immediately (March 2020)

Contact Persons:
Dr. Nianjun Yang, PB-A 235, Tel.: 0271 740 2531, Email: (nianjun.yang@uni-siegen.de)
Tianxiao Guo, PB-A 430, Tel.: 0271 740 4064, Email: (tianxiao.guo@uni-siegen.de)