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M. Eng. A. Özdem Sezgin

Chair of Surface and Materials Technology
Institute of Materials Engineering
University of Siegen
Paul-Bonatz-Straße 9-11
57076 Siegen

PB-A 428


Syntheses and characterizations of SIS multilayer structures for superconducting radio-frequency technologies for modern accelerators.

Research Interests

Production, characterization, and optimization of advanced materials (e.g., superconductive thin films), surface science, and nanotechnologies.

Academic Career

since November 2019

Research Associate at Chair of Surface and Materials Technology, Institute of Materials Engineering at the University of Siegen

September 2015

Master of Engineering (Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology) at Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Topic: Transport and Switching of Chalcogenide-Based Select Devices in 3D XPoint Memories

February 2010

Bachelor of Engineering (Double Degree) (Metallurgical and Materials Engineering) at Istanbul Technical University, Turkey

June 2009

Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) at Istanbul Technical University, Turkey