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Adaptable Poly-Engineering Simulator (APES)

APES is a suite of mesh based simulation tools built around an octree mesh infrastructure. It provides various steps required for the simulation on large scale parallel computing facilities from the mesh generation to post-processing.

The source code is publicly available.

  • Aotus
    The AOTUS library provides a Fortran wrapper around the C-API of the Lua scripting language, allowing a convenient usage of Lua scripts as configuration files in Fortran applications.
  • Seeder
    The goal of Seeder is simple: create an octree mesh out of a given geometry. Typically the given geometry is given in the form of STL-files. Meshed are generated automatically.
  • Musubi
    Musubi is the multi-level parallel lattice Boltzmann solver within the APES suite. It is working on a linearised octree and uses efficient data structures allowing adaptive parallel simulations. Musubi offers several collision kernels and is designed in a way to deal with huge meshes very efficiently.
  • Ateles
    Ateles implements a discontinuous Galerkin solver with explicit time integration and arbitrary high spatial scheme orders for various equation systems. It exploits the cubical elements by using efficient dimension by dimension algorithms. Its main application domain are compressible flows.
  • TreElM
    The Tree-based Elemental Mesh library provides the functionality to act on a distributed parallel octree mesh.
  • Polynomials
    This project is a supporting library for TreElM. It provides some functionality to deal with Legendre polynomials, especially transforming between modal and nodal representations.