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Simulation Techniques I


This course teaches basic techniques in the modeling and simulation of physical problems. The course starts with basic applications in Engineering and Medicine, challenges faced to simulate such problems and different considerations required for the modeling of different types of problems. This is coupled with mathematical and computer science techniques which are needed in simulation of physical phenomenon. The lecture explains basic concepts like equations which describe a problem, numerical methods which discretize governing equations and computer techniques which are used to simulate these problems on computer. The exercises give hands on experience to students in running and visualizing simulations.

Jet Stent


  • Basics: System and Models
  • Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations (ODE)
  • Numerical methods for ODE: Finite Difference and Finite Element methods
  • Application examples like blood flow and electrodynamics
  • Mathematical tools for assessing the quality of simulation
  • Basics of computer techniques required in simulation
  • Nature inspired way of modeling: Cellular Automata


  • Basics in Mathematics, Differential Equations

Short overview

Course of Studies Bachelor, Master
ECTS points 6
Lecturer Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sabine Roller


This course in unisono.