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Suggested topics

The chair offers several fields for theses.

Discontinuous Galerkin Solver Ateles

  • Analysis and implementation of various filter techniques
  • Local time-stepping and investigation of CFL-condition for MODG
  • OpenMP parallelisation of P-Polynomials
  • Writing p-adaptive solutions in a parallel environment

Polynomials Library

  • Investigation and work on reprojection methods
  • Implement Tygerts Fast Polynomial Transformation (Mark Tygert, Recurrence relations and fast algorithms, Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis, Volum 28, Issue 1, 121-128. 2010)

Mesh generator Seeder

  • Parallelisation of mesh generation with material description by high order polynomials

Postprocessing Library Libharvesting

  • OpenMP parallelisation of VTK generation with subsampling for high order polynomials
  • Solution adaptive sampling (data reduction)


  • Implementation of a steady-state solver in Apes
  • Implementation of an implicit time-stepping DG solver