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Upcoming Workshops

Multi-scale, Multi-physics and Coupled Problems on highly parallel systems (MMCP)

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Past Workshops

PDSEC 2019: Special Track on Performance and Software Engineering in Scientific Computing

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SPPEXA Women's Workshop 2019

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ISC High Performance 2015: Workshop on Software Frameworks for Scalable Scientific Simulations

Today, many of the numerical solvers used in the field of simulation science and engineering, are in principle well suited to scale up to the largest HPC systems. Often, these solvers are part of a larger simulation framework. However, in practice the usage of the simulation framework is often limited by performance bottlenecks in modules of the frameworks which are not directly related to the solvers as such, but for instance I/O, pre- and post-processing, etc. The aim of this workshop is to address performance throughout the entire simulation framework, highlight existing or potential bottlenecks, and to investigate how these might be overcome in real use cases. We will concentrate on simulation frameworks and tool chains – which apply distributed computing parallelization techniques – and their scalability issues. In particular, we focus on scalability in those parts of the framework which are outside of the core solvers. The workshop seeks to discuss challenges, methods and best-practice examples.

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See also the ISC HP session page.