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Fluid Power

Aims of the lecture

To provide an understanding of the basic concepts, the physical background and the state-of-the-art components in (oil) hydraulics and pneumatics. Students will be able to apply fluid power technology to solve basic and advanced engineering problems and to understand complex mechatronics systems combining fluid power, electric and electronic (microprocessor controlled) control. Da die Veranstaltung auf Englisch gehalten wird, vermittelt sie auch „Englisch als Wissenschaftssprache“; die Zusatzqualifikation wird den Teilnehmern gegebenenfalls bescheinigt.


  1. Introduction (hydrostatic vs. hydrodynamic principle, fluid power drives - the general idea, applications, fluid power systems in competition with other technologies, brief history, economic importance)
  2. Basic hydromechanic and thermodynamic concepts (PASCAL’s law and its application in cylinders, motors, pumps and transmissions, first law of thermodynamics, equation of continuity, pressure loss, choked nozzle)
  3. The working fluids (hydraulic oils and alternative fluids (inflammable, biodegradable), compressed air)
  4. Hydraulic components (pumps and motors, actuators, valves (directional control valves, check valves, pressure and flow valves, proportional and servovalves, fluidics), accumulators, ancillary devices)
  5. Pneumatic components (air preparation, valves, sensors, peculiarities of pneumatic actuators)
  6. Circuits (elementary circuits, operating sequence diagram) 6 laboratory exercises (basic pneumatic circuits, valve switching time and oscillator circuit, stepper, time-displacement diagram of an actuator, electropneumatic circuit, programming of a servopneumatic axis