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The Chair of Energy and Environmental Process Engineering, headed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. W. Krumm, specializes in mathematic modeling and simulation of complex process engineering systems and experimental studies of pyrolysis, gasification and incineration of biomass, coal and residues. In cooperation with medium-sized companies, we design and develop to market technical equipment for the field of environmental and process technology, closely considering factors such as cost, energy consumption, environmental impact and sustainable development.

Research focus and research subjects

Ball study of operating characteristics of circulating pressurized fluidized bed combustion with mathematical models, in particular using different types of coal and varying operating conditions
Ball Development of new mathematical model modules for a closed simulation model of high-temperature Winkler (HTW) gasification of coal and other carbonaceous solids
Ball Study of the dynamic operating characteristics of a power plant with circulating pressurized fluidized bed combustion using a mathematical model making special allowances for the dynamic interactions between combustion, hydrological/steam cycle and gas turbine.
Ball Mathematic modeling of thermal processes in waste treatment
Ball Experimental and theoretical studies of a rotary furnace for waste residue gasification
Ball Construction and start-up of a test facility for integrated pyrolysis and combustion (IPV) of solid materials
Ball Experimental study of gasification of different types of solid fuels in a stationary fluidized bed
Ball Life cycle assessment of methanol production from cellulose biomass
Ball Technical concept for a biomass gasification plant
Ball Development of modeling and optimization strategies for biomass gasification processes
Ball 2D modeling of a biomass gasification reactor for the production of a hydrogen rich synthetic gas
Ball Experimental studies of catalytic tar cracking

Energy savings in industrial production processes

Ball Development of a mathematical model for the minimization of energy consumption of rotary cement kilns with chain installations
Ball High-pressure vacuum plate cleaning

Utilization of regenerative energy sources

Ball Solar desalination plant based on the principle of reverse osmosis and 3-chamber pressure exchanger as an efficient energy recovery system
Ball Study of a photovoltaic Peltier unit for air conditioning purposes

Biological waste recycling

Ball Mathematic modeling for a compound system for combined composting/fermentation of biological waste
Ball Simulation of the operating characteristics of decentralized residual waste recycling plants with mechanical/biological pre-treatment

Facilities/Equipment of Chair

Ball Combined pyrolysis and fluidized bed reactor
Ball Barrel-shaped furnace with indirect electrical heating
Ball Fluidized-bed gasifier
Ball Multistage gas scrubber
Ball Electrostatic precipitator
Ball Test stand for measuring of a Peltier module
Ball Cold model for description of flow characteristics in a fluidized bed
Ball Exhaust gas analysis synthetic gas
Ball Exhaust gas analysis flue gas
Ball Muffle furnace
Ball Steam generator
Ball Thermal post combustion
Ball Device for determination of calorific value
Ball Rotary evaporator
Ball Thermo balance for macro thermal gravimetric analysis
Ball Intermittent bubbling bed FBC