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Dr. Aritra Sarkar

Research Associate
PB-A 229

Universität Siegen 
Fakultät IV, Department Maschinenbau 
Lehrstuhl für Materialkunde und 
Paul-Bonatz-Strasse 9-11 
57076 Siegen 

Working field:

Dr. Aritra Sarkar is presently working as a postdoctoral researcher at University of Siegen supported by the Alexander-von-Humboldt research fellowship. The research work of Dr. Sarkar has been in the area of high cycle fatigue (HCF) and damage interaction between low and high cycle fatigue (LCF-HCF interaction). In view of the present technological developments, very high cycle fatigue (VHCF) has become a topic of significant interest, particularly from the viewpoint of life-extension of structural components which are subjected to vibratory stresses during the operation. His research interest at University of Siegen is primarily on VHCF, aiming to take a relook at the S-N curves extending to the VHCF range involving the effect of prior LCF cycling, which simulate the actual loading scenario, so that such components can be designed more accurately.

He originally works as a scientist at Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, India since 2010 where he is actively involved in characterizing deformation mechanisms under high temperature ratcheting as well as damage interaction under low cycle fatigue & high cycle fatigue on austenitic stainless steels, which are critical issues for the reliability of structural components. He has also worked on the evaluation of the HCF behavior of Super Critical Power Plant materials such as alloy 617M, 10-Cr steel and dissimilar weld-joint of alloy 617M-10Cr steel. Based on the test data, he has generated design curves at high temperatures (Haigh diagram) and devised new methodologies for modification of fatigue design rules.