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Katalog plus

Equipment of the Institute

Coating technology

Electron-Cyclotron-Resonance(ECR) Microwave-plasma-CVD-system

ASTEX, Deposition of film-systems and nanostructures

3 Microwave-plasma-CVD-systems

(1,5 kW, 3 kW, 5 kW): ASTEX, Deposition of film-systems and nanostructures

Hot filament CVD

Deposition of film-systems

Thermal CVD

Synthesis of nanostructures and coatings

2 RF magnetron sputtering systems

Deposition of film-systems

Industrial coating tool (2xDC, 1x HiPIMS), CC800, CemeCon

Deposition of film-systems on complex 3D substrates

Plasa etching tool

Texturing, flattening, thinning of wafers or film-systems

Electro-plating facilities

Metallization of various surfaces (including nanostructures)


using electrons and ions:

Field emission scanning electron microscope (FESEM) in combination with EDX

Zeiss Ultra 55, Ultra-high-resolution imaging and elemental analysis for all kinds of thechnological and scientific investigations

Focused-Ion-Beam microscope (FIB)

Helios Nanolab 600, Surface structuring and modification

Secondary ion mass spectrometry

ION-TOF TOF-SIMS, depth-profiling elemental analysis

Secondary electron yield measurements (SEY)

Experiment for elucidating the secondary electron yield (SEY) of materials

Transmission electron microscope (TEM)

FEI Talos F200X, in combination with EDX

using photons:

Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy

Thermo Nicolet 6700, option for reflection-measurements included, fast measurements for structure determinations in solids and gases


Thermo Nicolet Almega XR, dispersive Raman-spectroscopy. The systems allows for mapping and depth scanning of film samples as well as the analysis of powder samples and fluids

X-ray diffractometer

Seifert XRD 3000PTS, standard for analyzing the structure of a material


UBM, measuring topography and roughness at the micro-scale

Optical microscopy

Olympus BX51M, SZX10, failure analysis and metallography



Shimadzu HMV-2000, measurement of hardness


Hysitron TriboIndenter (including feedback-control and nanoDMA), complete mechanical and tribological characterization on the nano scale


Wear measurements

Scanning-Probe-Microscope (SPM)

Park Scientific Asia, Surface-characterization at nano-scale


Wear and adhesion measurements