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Digital microscope VHX-900F (company: Keyence)

The digital microscope model VHX-900F uses the progressice scan method with a frame rate of 50 frames/sec.and images an area of 1600(H)x1200(V) pixels. The free angle observation enables the observation of the same position from various angles. In addition,the microscope contains depth composition and 3D display functions which allows the 3D imaging of the surface form various angles by compiling images at different focal planes. Furthermore, precise measurings during and after live modus can be performed: the data is stored in image files which can also be used with several programmes including Excel and CAD applications.

  • Free-angle observation system (Z-Axis motorized stage) VHX-S90F
  • Universal zoom lens (20-200x) VHX-Z20T


The split hopkinson bar is the most common method for dynamic material characterization, wherein the strain rate is in the range of 500 s-1 to 104 s-1.The approach allows a uniform one-dimensional stress loading of the material sample. This occurs with a nearly constant strain rate. Furthermore, it is possible to capture different dynamic loads, which vary depending on the application and execution. Thereby is the stress and strain of the material sample determined by an elastic element, which is connected in series. Available are:

  • Small type: max. energy: ~ 70 Ws
  • Large type (in progress): max. energy:~ 100 000 Ws


Tension-/ compression-/ torsion-test

The following testing machines are available:

  • Schenck Hydropuls-System POZ 0566 with characteristic values: 25 kN (load) / 20 Hz
  • Schenck Hydropuls-System PEZ 4125 with characteristic values: 63 kN (tension/compression) / 500 Nm (torsion) / 20 Hz
  • Schenck vibrating-table-system SM-1 with characteristic values: max. mass load 250 kg / 10 Hz

Strain gauges measuring equipment

For more details contact: Dr.-Ing. Ralf Nötzel