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M.Sc. Ajinkya Gote


M.Sc. Ajinkya Gote
Heisenberg Group
Institut für Mechanik
Department Maschinenbau
Universität Siegen
Paul-Bonatz-Straße 9-11
57076 Siegen, Germany

Büro Paul-Bonatz-Straße 9-11
PB-A 204
Telefon +49 (0)271 740-4631



Dienstags 10:30 - 12:00Uhr


  • Computational Mechanics


  • TM für ETI
  • Fachlabor FEM


Submitted for publication:

  • Eidel B., Fischer A., Gote A. (2019)
    A nonlinear finite element heterogeneous multiscale method for the homogenization of hyperelastic solids and a novel staggered two-scale solution algorithm. PDF


    • Gote, A., Fischer, A., Zhang C., Eidel, B. (2021) : Computational Homogenization of Concrete in the Cyber Size-Resolution-Discretization (SRD) Parameter Space. Finite Elements in Analysis and Design, accepted for publication.
    • Eidel, B., Fischer, A., Gote, A. (2020) : From image data towards microstructure information -- accuracy analysis at the digital core of materials, ZAMM-Journal of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics. PDF, DOI
    • Eidel B., Gote A., Fritzen C.-P. Ohrndorf, A. and Christ H.-J. (2020) : Tibial implant fixation in TKA worth a revision? -How to avoid stress-shielding even for stiff metallic implants. (Accepted for publication in Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering)PDF
    • Eidel B., Gote A., Ruby M., Holzer L., Keller L., Jiang X. (2019) : Estimating the effective elasticity properties of a diamond-SiC composite thin film by 3D reconstruction and numerical homogenization, Diamond and Related Materials, Vol. 97, pp. 107406.PDF
    • Eidel, B., Gote A., Ohrndorf, A., Christ H.-J. (2018) : How can a short stem hip implant preserve the natural, pre-surgery force flow? A finite element analysis on a collar cortex compression concept CO^4, Medical Engineering & Physics, Vol. 58, Issue 8, pp 1-12.PDF, DOI
    • Eidel, B., Fischer, A., Gote, A. (2018) : A nonlinear FE-HMM formulation along with a novel algorithmic structure for finite deformation elasticity. Proceedings of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (PAMM),Vol.18, Issue 1, pp.1-2.PDF, DOI
    • Gote A., Eidel B. (2017) : Computational inelasticity for loading conditions on multiple time scales by adaptive step size control.
      Proceedings of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (PAMM), Vol.17, pp. 591-592.PDF,DOI
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