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Atomistic-continuum coupling, Quasicontinuum (QC)

  • A variational formulation based on energy-sampling in clusters, Poster
  • Accelerated Energy-Minimization in Atomistic FEM based on Acceleration, Inertia and Numerical Quenching, Poster

Numerical homogenization of microheterogeneous materials

  • The Heterogeneous Multiscale Finite Element Method (FE-HMM) for linear elastic solids, Poster

Numerics for inelastic material behavior

  • Full Algorithmic consistency in viscoelasticity - enabling high performance computations, Poster

Crystal plasticity finite element modelling

  • Crystal Plasticity Modeling of Ni-Based Superalloys - Numerical Analysis and Experimental Validation, Poster

Cellular structures

  • On the mechanics of lattice structures made by Selective Laser Melting (SLM), Poster
  • Lattice-shell structural materials: towards ultralight and tight properties, Poster
  • Mechanics of Metallic Nanolattices: Designing a Future Generation of Cellular Materials on Supercomputers, Poster

Logarithmic strain from the perspectives of Euclidean and Riemannian geometry - and of history

Patrizio Neff, Robert J. Martin, Bernhard Eidel
  • Geometry of logarithmic strain measures, Poster
  • Strain tensors and strain measures in nonlinear elasticity, Poster
  • A brief history of logarithmic strain measures in nonlinear elasticity, Poster

Updates will follow soon!
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