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fields of research


Basic- and applied Research

  • Development of models to simulate the propagation of cracks, especially short ones, in metallic alloys
  • Development of procedures to identify linear and non-linear mechanical systems including test optimisation
  • Development  of new modell based methods for damage lokalisation by changes in the global dynamic behavior
  • Systems with piezoceramic actors and sensors (smart structures)
  • Method for adjustment of Finite Element Models based on vibration data
  • Experimental and calculative investigation of the dynamic behaviour of valves in combustion engines
  • Development of novel modell-based methods for dynamic balancing of elastic rotors
  • Investigation of biomechanical problems in medicine and dentistry

Technical Uses

  • Modell-generating to discribe the dynamic behaviour of cold rolling mills
  • Quality inspection of synchromesh rings by a non-destructive test using acoustic spectra
  • Crack identification on rotating shafts
  • Development of test- and measurement systems for industrial applications