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Katalog plus

Technical Equipment

  • Distance sensors with laser optical triangulation (contact-free)
  • Inductive distance sensors (loose anchor, calliper and contact-free systems)
  • Load cells (on strain gauge and piezoelectric basis, also 3-assemblies)
  • Strain gauges to measure strains/stresses, forces and moments
  • Fibre optical Bragg-Grating strain measuring system (4 Channel, 10 kHz)
  • Laservibrometer for contact-free measurement of vibration velocity
  • Inductive and piezoelectric acceleration sensors
  • Piezoelectric vibration sensors and actuators (discs, plates, foils, patches)
  • Electromagnetic shakers with nominal forces of 9, 100, 200 and 600 N
  • Mobile (12V-DC) universal 16-channel data aquisition system (16 bit, 10 kHz, with Laptop, extentable up to 64 channels)
  • Universal, network compatible 16-channel high speed data aquisition (12 bit at 10 MHz or 16 bit at 1 MHz)
  • PC with data aquisition PCI-card for 16-channels 12 bit PCI (until 300 kHz)
  • high speed, USB-data aqisition with 3 inputs and 1 output or 4 inputs (12 bit, 50 MHz)
  • Measuring system for vibration and modal analysis of mechanical components and structures (8 channel, untill 200 kHz)
  • Modular, high precision, network-compatible, measuring amplifier (4-channel with 4,8 kHz carrier frequency, expandable to 16-channel or max. 120 channels)
  • PC with data aquisition PCI-card for data acquisition and adjustment control by MATLAB/ Simulink
  • Piezoelectric AE-sensors to measure broad-band (100-900 kHz) acoustic emissions, incl. preamplifier
  • Carrier frequency measuring amplifier for measurements with strain gauges and inductive sensors
  • Telemetric, wireless, 1-channel data transceiver unit (e.g. for torgue measurements on rotating shafts)
  • Telemetric, 2-channel-wireless data transceiver unit (until 250 m), frequency bandwidth 0-375 Hz
  • Charge amplifier and coupler for piezoelectric sensors
  • Laboratory HV-Amplifier for piezoelectric actuators
  • General laboratory devices (oscilloscopes, frequency generators, stroboscope, dial gauge, voltage generator, multimeter, tachometer, thermometer etc.)
  • Rotor test rig for ball and friction beared rotors
  • Measure robots for automatical gage of spring geometry
  • Measuring data and analyse software DIAdem, LabVIEW and MATLAB
  • Hard- and software (commercial, self developed) for several static and dynamic calculations