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Mission Statement

GAMM Activity Group

Computational Science and Engineering (CSE)

Due to the rapid development in computer technology, the field of computational science and engineering (CSE) is increasingly becoming an important driver of scientific progress and a key technology of exa-scale computing.

Who we are

The term CSE refers in a comprehensive sense to the simulation sciences, in which modelling, numerical approximations, algorithms and software are closely interlinked. This is only possible through a novel, integrating linkage of knowledge between the disciplines and demands new structures in research and teaching. In this context, the image of a "third pillar" of science is often used, which takes on equal footing with theory and experiment and increasingly gains the character of an independent fundamental discipline. The discipline CSE is developing worldwide with great dynamism, which attracts especially many young scientists. The application fields in which CSE methodology is used are diverse. They range from industry-relevant engineering research to science-oriented basic areas. Many of the emerging fields, such as Biomedical Engineering, Data Driven Computing, Water Sustainability, and CO2 Sequestration and Advanced New Materials, are unthinkable without CSE.

In the spectrum of GAMM, the field of computational mechanics has a long tradition, in addition, mathematical modelling, numeric and scientific computing are other core areas of GAMM. These disciplines provide basics of the modern CSE field. CSE requires the cross-disciplinary collaboration of, for example, mathematicians, engineers, materials scientists, physicians, physicists, and computer scientists.

We are pleased to receive feedback from as many GAMM members as possible who are interested in active participation.

Our mission

In order to take better account of the rapidly growing importance of CSE and its high development dynamics, the GAMM Executive Board has approved the application for the creation of a new Activity Group. The Activity Group will promote the bundling of activities in the CSE and will also integrate more CSE areas, such as software engineering, visualization and supercomputing, into the GAMM. Fundamental methodological competences are to be further developed for a broad spectrum of applications. The Activity Group will aim for a high level of international visibility. For more information see News or Workshops and Conferences.