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Additive Manufacturing

Credits: 3


No Pre-requisites, no Co-requisites


This course reflects diversity of topics covered in additive manufacturing and the range of skills and expertise that a professional engineer must develop. Indeed, this course aims to provide the mechanical engineers of the future with an education that covers the necessary knowledge of additive manufacuring (AM):

• Knowledge on analysis of manufacturing process by AM.

• Instill creativity in addressing problems in 3D printing 

• Develop a high degree of competence in using AM processes.

• Skills on solving problems in AM processes.

• Information about ongoing research topics in 3D printing.

A summary of the content is as follows:

• Introduction to manufacturing processes

• Advanced manufacturing process: AM.

• Roadmap on AM standards.

• AM modeling and simulation.

• Material characterization for AM.

• In-process control for AM.

• Details of seven 3D printing techniques.

• Fracture and evaluation of printed parts.



• D. Rufe (2013): Fundamentals of Manufacturing (third edition) SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers)

• C. K. Chua, C. H. Wong, W. Y. Yeong (2017): Standards, Quality Control, and Measurement science in 3D printing and additive manufacturing, CRC Press

• A. Bandyopadhyay, S. Bose (2019): Additive Manufacturing (second edition) CRC Press

• A. Gebhardt (2016): Additive Fertigungsverfahren. Additive Manufacturing und 3D-Drucken für Prototyping - Tooling - Produktion

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