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Engineering Design I

Engineering Design 1 (in LSF 4MAB29110V)


Credits: 2,5


No Pre-requisites No Co-requisites


It is the aim of this course to teach the students the basics of Design Methodologies in order to encourage them towards a systematic approach to new industrial design projects.
The learning outcomes are to comprehend
• the basic rules in design projects
• the systematic approach to design work
• the advantages and disadvantages of teamwork
• the co-ordination and the moderation of teamwork
• the differences and the common features of different design methodologies
• the Value Analysis work plan

A summary of the content is
Terms and definitions
• Functions
• Assignment of functions
• Function structure
• Function carriers
• Function costs
• Value
• Value analysis
• Other design methodologies

The Management of a design project
• Value analysis work plan
• How to prepare a project
• How to analyse and describe the current situation
• How to describe the intended status
• How to apply idea-finding techniques
• How to develop and evaluate solutions and prepare decisions
• How to put the selected solution into practice


1) Lohe, R.: Konstruktionstechnik 1, Vorlesungsbegleittext; Universität Siegen 2001
2) Pahl, G., Beitz, W.: Konstruktionslehre
3) Roth, K.: Konstruieren mit Konstruktionskatalogen
4) Conrad, A., Teufelsdorfer, H.: Kreatives Entwickeln und innovatives Problemlösen mit TRIZ/TIPS