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Engineering Design II

Engineering Design 2 (in LSF 4MAB29120)


Credits: 2,5


Pre-requisites: Engineering Design 1


It is the aim of this course to teach the students an enhanced understanding of cost and value and their correlation to design in industry.

The learning outcomes are to comprehend
• the relationship between costs, design and manufacturing facilities
• the relationship between costs, reliability, risk and quality
• Cost and calculation basics in companies

A summary of the content is
• Cost carriers
• Department costs
• Advantageous design examples
• Function costs
• Part series
• Product series
• Part series systems
• Dimensioning theory
• Cost prediction


1) Lohe, R.: Konstruktionstechnik 2, Vorlesungsbegleittext; Universität Siegen 2001
2) Pahl, G., Beitz, W.: Konstruktionslehre
3) Roth, K.: Konstruieren mit Konstruktionskatalogen
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