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Kerstin Weinberg - Short curriculum vitae

At the University of Magdeburg I studied Mechanical Engineering with emphasis on Applied Mechanics. There I joined the Institute for Mechanics. I worked on high-order finite elements in structural engineering and got my PhD in 1995. After a family break I joined the Numerical Mathematics group of Prof. C. Carstensen in Kiel. I started working on error estimation and adaptive finite-element algorithms for thin plates and continued this work when I got a faculty position at the Mathematical Institute of the Medical University at Lübeck.

Heading back (or forward) to more mechanical problems I joined the Computational Mechanics group of Prof. M. Ortiz at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, USA, in March 2001. Within the ASCI-Center for Simulation of Dynamic Response of Materials I develop models for failure of ductile metals. In a NIH-project I work on biological materials, in particular on kidneys. Back in my home town at the Technical University of Berlin, I found interest in smaller scales of the material. At the chair of Prof. W. H. Müller I looked at microelectronic devices, e.g. by determing material data of lead free solder alloys with nanoindentation and by phase field modelling.

Since 2008 I head the chair of solid mechanics at the University of Siegen and continue to do research on several projects.