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IUTAM Symposium on innovative numerical approaches for materials and structures in multi-field and multi-scale problems

September 1-4, 2014 at Burg Schnellenberg near Cologne (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany)

We thank all the participants for their valuable contributions. The friendship and fellow-feeling felt during the symposium inspired the idea to collect the presentations of some of the present researchers in a special book. Our choice was to organize a book as part of the series Lecture Notes in Applied and Computational Mechanics (LNACM), entitled Innovative Numerical Approaces for Multi-Field and Multi-Scale Problems. It will appear at Springer in July 2016.

Abstract of the IUTAM Symposium (GA12-16)




Scientific Committee:

Marino Arroyo, School of Civil Engineering of Barcelona, Spain
Kaushik Bhattacharya,  Caltech, US
Michael Ortiz, Caltech, US
Anna Pandolfi, Politechnico di Milano, Italy
Laurent Stainier, Ecole Centrale de Nantes, France
Christian Wieners, Karlsruher IT, Germany
Kerstin Weinberg
, University of Siegen, Germany 

List of Participants:

Irene Arias, Pilar Ariza, Marino Arroyo, Daniel Balzani, Kaushik Bhattacharya, Thomas Blesgen, Curt A. Bronkhorst, Agustin Bompardre, Fehmi Cirak, Sergio Conti, Alberto Cuitino, Antonio De Simone, Malena Espanol, Bernhard Eidel, Fernando Fraternali, Adriana Garroni, Vikram Gavini, Sanjay Govindjee, Ercan Gürses, Stefanie Heyden, Richard D. James,  Dennis M. Kochmann, Ellen Kuhl, Christopher J. Larsen,  Sigrid Leyendecker, Adrian Lew, Bo Li, Jaime Marian, Xanthippi Markenscoff, Dan Meiron, Alexander Mielke, Jean-Francois Molinari, Alan Molinari, Alan Needleman, Matteo Negri, Michael Ortiz, Houman Owhadi, Anna Pandolfi, Raul Radovitzky, Guruswami Ravichandran, Celia Reina Romo, Julian Rimoli, Ignacio Romero, Bernd Schmidt, Laurent Stainier, Timothy John Sullivan, Deborah Sulsky, Christian Wieners, Kerstin Weinberg, Arash Yavari, Rena Yu

List of Speakers with title of the talks and latex-template for your Abstract and your Proceedings contribution. 


Timetable and Book of Abstracts

  Mon, Sept. 1
Tue, Sept. 2
Wed, Sept. 3
Thu, Sept. 4
till 9:00
breakfast breakfast
Registration & get together
12:00 opening: Kerstin Weinberg

Curt Bronkhorst (Chair)
Alan Needleman
Jean-Francois Molinari
Fehmi Cirak
Rena Yu
Bo Li
Malena Espanol
Alain Molinari (Chair)
Sanjay Govindjee
Adrian Lew
Sergio Conti
Irene Arias
Dennis Kochmann
Julian Rimoli
Laurent Stainier (Chair)
Xanthippi Markenscoff
Ellen Kuhl
Pilar Ariza
Jaime Marian
Thomas Blesgen
Fernando Fraternali
lunch lunch lunch
Anna Pandolfi (Chair)
Richard James
Alain Molinari
Adriana Garroni
Sigrid Leyendecker
Matteo Negri
Guruswami Ravichandran
Alan Needleman(Chair)
Chris Larsen
Houman Owhadi
Marino Arroyo
Ignacio Romero
Arash Yavari
Bernd Schmidt
Sanjay Govindjee(Chair)
Alexander Mielke
Deborah Sulsky
Alberto Cuitino
Antonio DeSimone
Vikram Gavini
Ercan Gürses
closing remarks:
Anna Pandolfi

walk in the forest
"knight meal"



How to get there?

  • The venue is a Castle and can be reached at best by car. Next regional train station is Finnentrop. Main train stations nearby are Cologne, Dortmund or Hagen. The next airports are Cologne Bonn Airport and Frankfurt Airport. Neither from Cologne nor from Frankfurt to Attendorn are direct train or bus connections.  There will be, of course, taxis. We think to organize a 'shuttle service' in a sense, that we pre-book a taxi or minibus  which collects several people of the symposium to share the costs. If you are interested, please send us your time of arrival at: IUTAM(at)uni-siegen.de
  • If you prefer to go by train, you may find connections at bahn.de; we would recommend to go to Finnetrop and then take a taxi.
  • If type into google maps 'Burghotel Schnellenberg' you find a map of the location. 

 Some more details:

  • The symposium room in the conference venue will be equipped with a Computer (Windows;VGA), LCD projector, laser pointer and microphone.
  • Poster size should be A0 (portrait, i.e., 84x119cm) or any other format with at most 90cm width. 
  • A get together with medieval music and a corresponding meal is planned in the evening of Tuesday September 2nd, opened to all symposium participants.


We thank our colleagues who accepted to attend the IUTAM on the occasion of M.Ortiz’ 60th birthday. For an enjoyable stay we ask you for an "all inclusive" conference fee. The fee includes symposium material, lodging with full meals at the castle Burg Schnellenberg, a featured Medieval Social Event, and a book of Abstracts of the symposium contributions.