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2020: IUTAM Symposium Computational Fracture Mechanics in Multifield Problems


Dear Friends: we are looking forward to a symposium with interesting contributions. Please use the Latex template for your abstract and send it per email to iutam@uni-siegen.de.  If you don't use Latex please send us plain text.

lastest update from the venue: Link


November 2-6, 2020 at Physikzentrum Bad Honnef, Germany

Tentative schedule:

  Monday Tuesday
   Markenscoff  Bhattacharya  Blesgen  Freddi
 9:30    Srivastava  Stainier  Maurini  Kästner
 10:30  Forest  Avouac  Lew  Espinosa  Kuna
 11:00  Molinari, Mercier  Xu  Jerusalem  Kochmann  Giannakopoulous
 11:30  Chen  Salvadori  Wieners  Fraternali  Ricoeur
 14:00  Neff  Perego  Kaliske  Steinmann  
 14:30  Chambolle  Negri  Coker  Reese  
 15:00  Thomas  Lancioni  Gurses  Molinari  
 15:30  Schäfer  Göktepe  Yu  Koslowski  
 16:30  Martinez  Lopez-Pamiez  Inaba  Heyden  
 17:00  Balzani  de Lorenzis  Wattrisse  Ariza  
 17:30  Hütter  Chen  Simone  Martinez-Paneda  

A detailed schedule is here: pdf


How to get there?

The venue is the Physikzentrum (Physics center) in Bad Honnef, near to Bonn: Link

  • The best way to come is from Bonn Main Station or Bonn/Siegburg by tram 66. It takes half an hour from Bonn Main station or one hour from Siegburg till the last but one stop "Am Spitzenbach". The journey goes through Bonn and then along the Rhine. A 200m walk through the park brings you to the Physikzentrum.

By train:

  • go to Bonn Main Station, change here in the tram 66 (Telekom line) and go to the stop "Am Spitzenbach".

  • go to Siegburg (ICE), change here in the tram 66 (Telekom line) and go to the stop "Am Spitzenbach".

By plane to Cologne-Bonn Airport:

  • by train in direction Koblenz to Rhöndorf. It goes hourly and takes half an hour. A 500m walk brings you to the Physikzentrum.

  • alternatively: by train to Bonn Main station and the see above

By plane to Frankfurt Airport:

  • by train (ICE) to Siegburg, change here in the tram 66 (Telekom line) and go to the stop "Am Spitzenbach".

By car:

  • Hauptstraße 5, 53604 Bad Honnef; GPS coordinates: 50° 39′ 5,5″ N, 7° 13′ 10,3″ O

How to sign up?

  • In addition to a conference room, the Physics Center Bad Honnef offers an infrastructure for up to 80 guests, that means for all our participants accommodation and meals are included.

  • We do not charge a conference fee but the lodging has to be paid in advance. You will get an Email about details in August.

Some more details:

  • The symposium room in the conference venue will be equipped with a Computer (Windows;VGA), LCD projector, laser pointer and microphone.

  • Poster size should be A0 (portrait, i.e., 84x119cm) or any other format with at most 90cm width.

Scientific Topics:

Topic of the IUTAM symposium is the computational prediction of damage, crack growth, and the extent of fragmentation in solids.

Recently, research in computational fracture mechanics has advanced remarkably, typically using cohesive zone models and extended finite elements. Beyond these well established and popular methods, several innovative approaches have emerged, such as phase field methods, eigenfracture, eigenerosion, and level-set methods. These approaches are characterized by a regularization of the evolving crack boundaries with an additional small but finite length scale. This length scale arouses new questions and doubts, in particular concerning multi-physic problems.

The aim of the IUTAM symposium is to draw a comparative overview of different computational strategies for multi-field fracture problems by illustrating the most innovative -non necessarily the nowadays most popular- techniques. We would like to open a forum to discuss new horizons of multi-field fracture mechanics covering several aspects of research on computational fracture, starting from specific methods of choice and numerical strategies to theoretical aspects of constitutive modeling in a multi-field setting. Particular emphasis will be laid on pioneering discretization methods for the solution of coupled non-linear problems at different length-scales.

The participation at the IUTAM Symposia is by invitation from the Scientific committee only. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at: iutam@uni-siegen.de