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2020: IUTAM Symposium Computational Fracture Mechanics in Multifield Problems


Dear Friends: we are looking forward to a symposium with interesting contributions. Please use the Latex template for your abstract and send it per email to iutam@uni-siegen.de.  If you don't use Latex please send us plain text.


November 2-6, 2020 at Physikzentrum Bad Honnef, Germany


Topic of the IUTAM symposium is the computational prediction of damage, crack growth, and the extent of fragmentation in solids.

Recently, research in computational fracture mechanics has advanced remarkably, typically using cohesive zone models and extended finite elements. Beyond these well established and popular methods, several innovative approaches have emerged, such as phase field methods, eigenfracture, eigenerosion, and level-set methods. These approaches are characterized by a regularization of the evolving crack boundaries with an additional small but finite length scale. This length scale arouses new questions and doubts, in particular concerning multi-physic problems.

The aim of the IUTAM symposium is to draw a comparative overview of different computational strategies for multi-field fracture problems by illustrating the most innovative -non necessarily the nowadays most popular- techniques. We would like to open a forum to discuss new horizons of multi-field fracture mechanics covering several aspects of research on computational fracture, starting from specific methods of choice and numerical strategies to theoretical aspects of constitutive modeling in a multi-field setting. Particular emphasis will be laid on pioneering discretization methods for the solution of coupled non-linear problems at different length-scales.

The participation at the IUTAM Symposia is by invitation from the Scientific committee only. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at: iutam@uni-siegen.de