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DFG-Projekt HE 5943/1

Energy consistent discretization of transient frictional contact problems


The aim of this research project is the development of numerical methods for the simulation of frictional contact problems for bodies subject to large deformations. The nowadays dominant contact description, the Node-to-Segment (NTS) method is going to be replaced by the variational consistent Mortar method. This method allows a more efficient treatment of contact problems, since an extremely fine discretization of the contact surface is avoidable.




Furthermore we aim at the development of implicit second order structure-preserving time integration scheme for frictional contact problems, based on both the traditional NTS and the more recent developed Mortar method. The variational consistent treatment of the constitutive friction laws is subject to several current research projects. Using a Coulomb dry frictional constitutive model we have to apply return mapping schemes in analogy to plasticity in order to decide whether stick or slip occurs to the specific formulation of the Mortar method. The definition and the experimental verification of the anisotropic friction laws is part of the joint research project.




The application of a structure preserving time integration scheme, to be developed within this research project allows an efficient treatment of the transient systems. The algorithmic fulfillment of physical properties like the momentum maps is of major importance. It is expected that the newly developed integrator improves properties such as accuracy, numerical stability and robustness considerably.
Group: Dr. Marlon Franke, Prof. Dr. Christian Hesch, Prof. Dr. Peter Betsch (Institute of Mechanics, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT)

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