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DFG-Projekt HE 5943/8

Isogeometric Analysis for Multifield Computational Contact Problems


The purpose of this project is to conduct fundamental theoretical and numerical research on novel isogeometric analysis (IGA) technologies in the field of computational mechanics, and to develop algorithms, which will enable the analysis of contact interfaces with high efficiencyand robustness.




In particular, fracture mechanical issues along with thermomechanical problems in the context of contact mechanics will be considered and, in a final step, applied to complex machine parts, demonstrating the general applicability of the chosen approach to industrial problems.Higher-order phase-field approaches will be used to deal with brittle and ductile fracture problems. To account for the higher continuity requirements of a fourth order phase-field model, non-uniform rational B-splines with local, hierarchical refinement schemes will be applied. Frictional mortar contact formulations for thermomechanical problems will be extended to phase-field problems.




Eventually, this novel and unique framework will be applied to impact simulations as well as to a disc break of a hoisting shaft system. The company SIEMAG TECBERG will provide necessary reference data of the systems under investigations. In summary, highly sophisticated mesh refinement procedures along with newly developed mutlifield and contact formulations will be applied to industrial problems.
Group: Dr. Maik Dittmann, Dr. Marlon Franke, Prof. Dr. Christian Hesch

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