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DFG-Gemeinschaftsprojekt PAK 440

Anisotropic friction and adhesion at large strains


We aim at the development of feasible numerical methods for the simulation of complex materials and surfaces in contact situations regarding anisotropy and adhesive effects. Therefore we recover homogenized data for the in general nonlinear constitutive friction laws from the analysis of the micro-nano structures and use these data as a starting point for the development of both, a more traditional NTS and a state of the art Mortar formulation. For the temporal integration we apply implicit second order structure-preserving time integrators. This class of time integration methods is well known for its numerical stability, especially for large time steps. We use this framework for a highly efficient implementation of the contact algorithms in the context of the finite element method.




To verify the numerical simulation we compare it to experimental results. At the end of the project, both, constitutive laws for the description of adhesion and anisotropic friction and a consistent and efficient numerical implementation of generalized three-dimensional contact problems will be available.


Project 1:

Energy and momentum consistent discretization of frictional dynamic contact problems
Group: Dr. Marlon Franke, Prof. Dr. Christian Hesch, Prof. Dr. Peter Betsch, Chair of computational mechanics, University of Siegen

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Project 2:

On higher complexity for interface/contact laws with arbitrary anisotropy - development of numerical models and their experimental validations
Group: Dr. Alexander Konyukhov, Prof. Dr. Karl Schweizerhof, Institute of Mechanics, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT

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