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Kerstin Weinberg - Short curriculum vitae

I studied Mechanical Engineering at the Universities of Magdeburg (Germany) and Charkow (Ukraine) and graduated in 1996. As a student, I focused on solid mechanics, and my Ph.D. work was on finite-element technology, high-order elements, and error estimates.

After a family break, I joined the Numerical Mathematics group of Carsten Carstensen in Kiel to develop adaptive finite-element algorithms for plates. I continued this work when I got a faculty position at the Mathematics Department of the Mathematical Institute of the Medical University in Lübeck (Germany).

Heading back (or forward) to more mechanical problems, I joined the Computational Mechanics group of Michael Ortiz at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, CA (USA), in 2001. Within the ASCI-Center for Simulation of Dynamic Response of Materials, I develop models for the failure of ductile metals and cavitation damage in biological soft tissue.

Back in my hometown at the Technical University of Berlin in 2004, I found interest in smaller scales of the material. So, I looked at the computation of alloy decomposition and wrote my habilitation thesis on the material modeling of microstructured solids. I was awarded a Privatdozent (PD).

Since 2008 I am a professor at Siegen University, and I head the Chair of Solid Mechanics here. My group and me are working on topics ranging from the experimental and numerical investigations of dynamic fracture and damage in soft polymers to data-driven numerical approaches and the corresponding multi-field simulations.

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