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DFG-Projekt HE 5943/6

Methods and algorithms for contact analysis


Aim of the present research project is the development of Mortar based methods for contact analysis, which is independent of the spatial discretization of the (thermo-)elastic bodies. Based on the project HE 5943/1-1 further frictional constitutive models beyond the Coulomb dry frictional model will be investigated.




On this basis the contact virtual work and the normal and tangential contact conditions will be adapted for the underlying spatial discretization of the bodies. In particular NURBS discretized bodies are used. Accordingly, the segmentation technique used to evaluate the Mortar contact integrals needs to be developed for NURBS discretized contact pairs, where the expertise and experience of former domain decomposition projects is beneficial to cover this task.




In order to guarantee the stability of the simulation structure-preserving methods will be applied for the temporal discretization. Beyond that, our contact methods will be combined with crack propagation methods in the large deformation regime. To be specific our continuum mechanical formulation will be extended with phase-field model for fracture mechanics.
Group: Prof. Dr. Christian Hesch, Prof. Dr. Peter Betsch (Institute of Mechanics, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT)

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